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Steal the attention of Prospective Buyers and boost your Business turnover by having engaging Social Media Content.

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Want to have Instagram feeds that can attract like this?

We will help handle your social media!

Without Inovasika

Time out for content writing
Reduced capital to recruit writers & designers
Having trouble finding content ideas every month
Instagram looks less attractive

With Inovasika

Maximum time spent for business
Hemat modal untuk mengurus social media
Content idea research has been given every month
Instagram looks attractive and sells


  • Agus Supri

    Business Owner Kinarya Group

    After using the services of Innovation, business that was previously just an ordinary turnover, now become extraordinary. And with this little by little also learn how the digital marketing process plays a role.

  • Egy Bagus

    Direktur Rekanusa Nusantara

    There are many benefits that our company gets, starting from the company's budget being more controlled, business processes more effective and goals being well achieved. Barakallah

  • Agnessia Putri Larasati

    Diary Kopi Owner

    Alhamdulillah, now my product is known by many people, and sales are increasing. It was really impactful and able to bring about change.